Moment Maker "Oh, Baby!" Collection

Moment Maker "Oh, Baby!" Collection - MojiLife - The AirMoji

Moment Maker "Oh, Baby!" Collection

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Set the mood, imprint on a memory in the making with a signature fragrance, and enjoy every moment! Moment Makers from MojiLife are discounted collections of some of our most popular combinations. They make the perfect gift for all of life's occasions. Complete with a customizable card to add that personal touch. You can give the gift of MojiLife products today and a moment marked by fragrance serving as a memory invoker over and over again. With Moment Makers, you not only experience the fragrance but each pod "peels and reveals" a memory allowing you an opportunity to relive some of life's most cherished moments.

Collection includes:
MojiMini II - White
Nursery - Take Me Back Fragrance Pod
Comes complete in Moment Makers Box, with shred, and coordinating label.

Type: Moment Maker "Oh, Baby!" Collection

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